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b0st0n_debate's Journal

B0st0n Debate
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This is b0st0n_debate, a sister community to b0st0n. It is for exactly what it sounds like it is - debating Boston-related topics. Especially the ones that have been beaten to death in b0st0n.

The rules are subject to change, and currently are:
1) Debate with respect. Name calling is a poor debating skill and will be mocked mercilessly.
2) Debate Boston-related issues, please.
3) Put -all- pictures behind an lj-cut.
4) Trolls and spammers will be banned.
5) Check to be sure your debate topic of choice isn't already being discussed before making a new post.

Your current moderator is lizzielizzie.

Other Boston related communities include:
b0st0n - "The Boston Community is not only for people who live in Boston proper but those who live in the surrounding cities, towns and suburbs and those who are generally interested in what goes on in the area." If have generic Boston-related questions, this is the place to go.
b0st0nians - "This has been created in conjunction with with b0st0n. The difference being that in b0st0nians pretty much anything goes. This community can consist of posts that would be considered personal in b0st0n, as well as forwards, code swaps, dating advice and anything else for which you might get flamed for in b0st0n."
_b0st0n_snark - Use to mock posts made in b0st0n and to mock anything Boston-related.